The black mountain



The Black Moutain is first and foremost numerous small picturesque villages, each one more authentic than the other.

Discover Saissac located in an eagle’s nest, a medieval village that will make you dream with its castle of the Cathar country, Roquefère labeled “Village de Caractère” or Caudebronde, a small village where you can fill up with energy.



Experience an adventure in the Black Mountain!

A real breath of fresh air that awaits you with splendid viewpoints as far as the eye can see. You will be able to discover the local fauna and flora in total immersion. An amazing nature to recharge your batteries with a large lake where peace and quiet are the order of the day. Once your hike done, you will enjoy good local dishes in the various restaurants nearby.

Enjoy many leisure activities and visit the craftsmen’s stores to discover an incredible and historical know-how.


In the surrounding area

Castelnaudary and its surrounding area offers a wide range of activities whether alone, as a couple or a family. Amongst the hills, on the paths, in the town, along the Canal du Midi... set off on an adventure on land, on the sea, or even in the air.

03On the water


The Saint-Roch boat invites you to discover the Canal du Midi by enjoying the pleasure of sailing and a commentary on the history and creation of this exceptional work.


The medieval town

A piece of paradise in the heart of France, Castelnaudary is a located in the department of Aude, part of the Occitanie area. Come and meet the Chauriens and Chauriennes (Castelnaudary's inhabitants) to discover our rich historical heritage.

05A natural treasure

The black mountain

Thirty minutes from the famous city of Carcassonne, the Black Mountain is an ideal place for outdoor activities and hiking. Either on foot, by bike, on horseback or by motorcycle, you will fall in love with the Black Mountain!


The town

The corridor of the Lauragais plains has known an intense traffic since the Neolithic period. It was used by one of the tin routes and then by the Via Romana of Aquitaine. Castelnaudary entered history in 1118 under the name of Castellum Novum Arri or new castle of Arri.

A strategic stronghold during the crusade against the Cathars, it enjoyed rapid growth between the 12th and 14th centuries before being burned during the Hundred Years War. It is besides at that time thant the worldwide famous Cassoulet was born!